Nadine at the OxSight Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London

OXSIGHT Ambassador: Nadine

Nadine became an OXSIGHT ambassador on 12 August 2018 when she received her Prism glasses.

When she was 28, Nadine suffered from a brain haemorrhage and stroke which left her visually impaired and without the use of her left arm.

With the help of the glasses, Nadine’s peripheral vision has been enhanced and they have allowed her to see things that she had been missing out on since her stroke.

Nadine trying out her new OxSight Prism glasses

Nadine trying out her new OXSIGHT Prism glasses

“I can now watch the TV without missing half the screen. The glasses also help when I am playing board games with my nephew, again allowing me to enhance my vision,” said Nadine in a recent call with OXSIGHT. “I could see the game straight ahead with my normal vision, but with the glasses on I could see the left side of the game, and the colours of the counters were really lit up.”

Sometimes, she’ll take off the glasses for periods and then put them on again, just to appreciate the impact that they have on her vision.

Nadine using OxSight Prism at the theatre

Nadine using OXSIGHT Prism at the theatre

More recently, Nadine had a great evening out at the theatre. Previously, she would need to turn her head in order to take in all of the stage. However, with the help of Prism, she was able to experience the whole evening with a lot more ease and comfort.

“With the glasses, I was able to keep my head still. It felt weird as I’m so used to turning my head, but it was good facing straight ahead and facing the stage.”

OXSIGHT were also lucky enough to have Nadine attend our Ambassadors’ Social, where she was able to share her experiences with other OXSIGHT Ambassadors.

Nadine at the OxSight Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London

Nadine at the OXSIGHT Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London